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Right-Wing Group Blames Illinois Tornadoes on Gay Marriage

“Do you think the massive Illinois tornadoes are linked to the passing of the same sex ‘marriage’ bill?"

Robert Ritchie, executive director of America Needs Fatima, a conservative Catholic arm of the right-wing organization American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property, posed that question in a recent blog post in the wake of tornadoes that killed at least six people in Illinois.

In a longer article written by Luis S. Solimeo on the America Needs Fatima website, titled “Is the Voice of God Resounding in the Recent Catastrophes?”, Solimeo asks readers to consider:

“Could God be showing His supreme displeasure with the reigning amorality and libertinism, loss of faith and dissemination of sins that “cry out to heaven for vengeance” such as abortion and homosexuality?”

He then goes on to argue that God uses natural causes to intervene in history, that “Nothing in Creation Escapes God’s Government,” and that the recent natural disaster in Illinois is a result of God’s “collective chastisement.”

He quotes the Archbishop Philip M. Hannan, who stated in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005: “We have reached a depth of immorality that we have never reached before. And the chastisement was Katrina as well as Rita.”

Invocation of the God’s wrath aside, Illinois governor Pat Quinn signed the same-sex marriage bill law yesterday, the Huffington Post reported, becoming the 16th state to do so.

Christian opposition continued, with Springfield Bishop Thomas John Paprocki announcing last week that he planned to hold prayers of “supplication and exorcism” to resist the legislation. 

During the exorcism, which took place yesterday, Paprocki made the accusation that “politicians responsible for enacting civil same-sex marriage legislation are morally complicit as co-operators in facilitating this grave sin.”

At the same time, he maintained that his statements “are not meant to demonize anyone, but are intended to call attention to the diabolical influences of the devil that have penetrated our culture, both in the state and in the church.”

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