New Hampshire Lawmakers Can Now Bring Guns to Work


On Monday, January 4, the Joint Committee on Legislative Facilities voted 10 to 1 to change the House rules and restored the Second Amendment at the State Capitol complex by allowing the possession of firearms by concealed carry permit holders.  This action will eliminate the 2009 regulation that stated:

"No person, except for law enforcement personnel in active duty, shall carry a firearm or other dangerous or deadly weapon or an explosive, openly or concealed, while inside the State House, the Legislative Office Building, the Upham Walker House, or any of the underground tunnels connected to these buildings. Law enforcement personnel, when requested by State House security staff, must produce sufficient identification establishing their status as law enforcement personnel."

In addition, on Tuesday, January 5, the House of Representatives approved a change to the House Rules allowing its members to carry concealed firearms on the House floor.  The last time a similar rule was in effect was 1985.


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