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Life, Liberty and the Right to Marry

Once upon a time, a long time ago to us, but not so very long ago that it can't be remembered, two people met and fell in love. They went on dates, they hugged, they kissed and so the story goes. 

Finally one day, while at the park, one asked the other to spend the rest of their lives together.  They agreed, and decided to wed.

Snag, they couldn't get a marriage license. You see, he was black, and she was white. So not allowed.  Well, a few years later, after lots of court appearences, they got to get married.  Congratulations!

Today. Two people meet. They fall in love. They date, they hug and they kiss. One day, while at the park one asks the other if they can spend the rest of their lives together. The agree and decide to wed.

Snag, they couldn't get a marriage license. You see, they were both men. So not allowed. 

Do we see any similarities? I do! Do we really need to wait a few years and go through all the court mess? Let's just skip to the ending....and they lived happily ever after.

How could anyone say that this isn't a civil rights issue? Clearly it's the present day black rights movement. Does it matter who someone sleeps with? Not to me, unless it's my husband.  Otherwise, live and let live.

My points:

1) Without being wed, partners have no medical rights. Should one partner get sick, the disapproving family can kick their life partner of 20+ years out of the hospital.

2) Pursuit of Life, Liberity and Happiness only applies to hetrosexual people? Because that's not discrimination.

3) How is sex with a member of the same sex any sicker then extreme bondage or other fetishes?

4) The rest of us have a chance at really fun divoreces, why shouldn't everybody?

5) People feel uncomfortable.... really? I feel that way when people vote...they don't stop. Ed and John live next door. Sue and James aren't comfortable with it.Ed and John can't get married. They still live together, they still sleep together and they still live like a family. They just can't get married, but the situtation doesn't change for Sue and James either way.

6) When two unmarried people live together they get viewed differently since they're 'living in sin'. Why should homosexual couples be forced to live like this forever?

7) People claim this is against God. Really? Seperation of church and state. Remember this? That means that a jugde can act separate from the church.


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