Men Shout 'Black Lives Matter' Before Brutal Attack

A group of Akron, Ohio, men reportedly chanted, "Black Lives Matter," before attacking seven white people.

According to a police report, the attack happened at around 12:30 a.m. on Aug 21, says Ohio.com.

Police say a group of five black men and two white men approached a group of seven white men and began shouting, "Black lives matter."

According to WOIO, the suspects began punching, kicking, and hitting the victims with bottles before taking their belongings and fleeing. One victim lost consciousness after falling to the ground and being kicked in the head several times.

Akron police officers, as well as officers from the University of Akron, responded and found the suspects nearby. They were all arrested.

Anthony M. Valasek, 18, was charged with riot, robbery, and felonious assault.

Rejoin W. Williams, 18, was charged with assault, receiving stolen property, and riot.

Jessie L. Butler, 19, was charged with riot and assault.

James C. Vance, 22, was charged with riot, assault, and receiving stolen property.

Shane R. Thompson, 20, was charged with riot and assault.

Bret D. Young, 25, was charged with robbery, felonious assault, and riot.

Jordan M. McCrae, 22, was charged with riot.

Sources: WOIOOhio.com / Photo credit: Tony Webster/Flickr

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