'Don't Do This': Man Pleads As Wife Murders Children

A Texas man screamed for mercy as his wife allegedly murdered their two children.

On June 24, a Fort Bend County neighborhood received a horrible surprise after a triple shooting took place in Fulshear, Texas.

Deputies said Christy Sheats shot and killed her two daughters, 17-year-old Madison Sheats and 22-year-old Taylor Sheats. Jason Sheats, the lone survivor, reportedly pleaded for Christy to put down the gun and spare their lives.

The shootings reportedly started after a family dispute. A witness saw both daughters and the father running from their house, according to KTRK. Taylor and Madison were already injured, and the oldest sister collapsed in the road. Christy went inside to reload her gun and shot Madison in the back when she came back outside, the witness said.

When police arrived, the mother was still holding the gun as both daughters were lying in the street.

"The cops were behind the trees and behind the cars, and they told the mom to put the gun down and obviously she did not," neighbor Fazz Zainuddin told KPRC.

Jason pleaded with Christy in order to save their daughters’ lives.

"[The officer] heard the dad say, 'Don't do this. They're our kids,''" Zainuddin said.

Soon after, a Fulshear police officer fatally shot the 42-year-old mother.

"All I saw was the police officer aiming his rifle toward someone and saying 'drop your weapons,' and then afterward another gunshot," recalled neighbor Sabeeh Siddiqui to KTRK. "Soon after that there were a lot of police cars that came."

One daughter died at the scene and the other died at the hospital. The father was physically unharmed.

Neighbors reported that the couple possibly had some marital problems. Deputies had previously visited the family as well.

"The mother was nice," one neighbor told KPRC. "You wouldn't expect it if they told you this is what was going to happen. I don't think anybody, at least a sane person, would do that."

All of the members of the Sheats family were liked by the local community. Neighbors said they were shocked that such an event happened in their town.

"It's crazy," said neighbor Austin Enke to KHOU. "The neighborhood has never seen this kind of thing before. It's always quiet. This is surprising. They never showed any kind of thing that was wrong with them whatsoever."

Sources: KTRK, KPRC, KHOU / Photo Credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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