New York Man Researched Miscarriages Before Beating Pregnant Girlfriend


A New York man on trial for allegedly beating his pregnant girlfriend for refusing to have an abortion researched miscarriages online before attacking her.

According to phone records presented in court on Feb. 8, Torey Branch, 34, Googled more than two dozen questions about having a miscarriage before reportedly attacking his then-girlfriend Mia Jones.  

Branch reportedly searched “Can being hit in the stomach cause a miscarriage?” and “What happens if a pregnant woman gets hit in the stomach?” among other questions within two months of the attack on Jones.

According to the New York Post, hours before Branch assaulted Jones on March 28, 2014, he texted her, “I wanna f---.” Later that day, Branch and another masked man allegedly showed up at Jones’ home and beat her so badly she miscarried and had to have an emergency cesarean section to remove the remains of the fetus.

Jones was seven months pregnant when she was attacked her and had planned to name the baby Kennedy. Jones needed two blood transfusions and stitches for her wounded eyes, reports the New York Daily News.

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According to testimony from Jones, Branch offered her money to abort the fetus and scheduled appointments for the abortion after she told him she wanted to have the baby.

If convicted on charges of burglary, criminal trespass, abortion and other charges, Branch could serve up to 25 years in prison.

Sources: New York PostNew York Daily News / Photo credit: Johann Larson/Flickr

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