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Richmond Police Officer Shot After Responding To 'Mental Health Situation'

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A police officer and a suspect were reportedly both shot multiple times after an exchange of gunfire in a Richmond, Virginia, neighborhood.

William Turner, a 30-year veteran officer, was responding to a call about a “mental health situation," according to CBS 6 News. The officer was called to assist the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority with an evaluation.

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When Turner got out of his car, the subject of the call began shooting at him. Turner was struck but returned fire, hitting the suspect. Turner was transported to a nearby hospital in a police cruiser.

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Turner suffered gunshot wounds to the stomach and was also grazed on his head. “It’s not a life-threatening situation, gratefully,” said Tammy Hawley, press secretary for Mayor Dwight Jones. Hawley confirmed that Turner “will be fine.”

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The suspect was also hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Sources: ABC 13 News, Richmond Times-Dispatch, WTVR / Photo Credit:,


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