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Richest Zip Codes In America Are Mostly in California, Says Report

It seems all the hype about California being full of rich people has some truth to it, as a new study revealed that six of the 10 richest zip codes in America are in the sunny state.

In fact, most of the richest zip codes are in sunny areas, with two others being in Miami, Fla.

But the number two spot is taken by the snowy Aspen, Colo., indicating that some of the country's richest like to enjoy more than one season.

At the top of the list is zip code 90210, Beverly Hills. Aside from New York City, 90210 had the most home sales of more than $10 million last year, as 21 properties over that price were purchased.

Aspen was close, selling 16 homes for more than $10 million.

Coming in ninth is Greenwich, Conn., with the zip code 06830, the only "richest" one in the northeast. 

Though Manhattan tops the list as the richest city in America, this rankings list only covers zip codes, so the Big Apple didn't make the cut.

"The activity we are seeing for trophy home sales speaks volumes about the value of these markets," Budge Huskey, president and CEO of Coldwell Banker said.

"While California and New York may lead in $10 million and above sales, areas such as Aspen continue to appeal more and more to high-end buyers, with its gorgeous architecture, landscape and lifestyle."

"Overall, the luxury real estate market is doing incredibly well, giving us many markets to watch."

Other California zip codes included on the list are Montecito, Calif., with zip code 93108, and Bel Air, with 90077. Malibu, at 90265, also made the list.

As for areas with the highest priced listings, much of the same zip codes come up again. The list is topped with Malibu, having 65 listings at over $10 million, followed by Beverly Hills with 58 listings and Aspen with 54.

Lower on the list for areas that didn't make the top 10 in sales are other sunny zip codes, including Laguna Beach, Calif. and Naples, Fla.

Coldwell Banker doesn't expect the sale of high-priced homes to go down anytime soon. In fact, they believe it will only increase with time.

They expect that it won't be long before luxury home prices beat out the recent sale of a $100 million property near San Francisco.

"With the increasingly global nature of today's ultra-luxury market, it is hard to imagine that a $200 million sale would not be possible in the near future," a report said. 

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Sources: Daily Mail,NBC News


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