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Richard Lisko Orders Pit Bull to Attack Teenager Tied on Porch, Gets Only 6 Years in Prison

Richard Lisko, 59, of Campbellsport, Wisconsin, was sentenced to six years behind bars by Judge Gary Sharpe, resulting from Lisko ordering his Pit Bull to viciously attack 18-year-old Joel Kennedy, Jr., last August, according to WHBY News.

Prosecutors told the court Lisko first bound Joel Kennedy's ankles, hung him upside down and ordered his Pit Bull, "Bubba," to bite the boy. Lisko accused the New Berlin teenager of stealing morphine and gold coins from his home.

Kennedy’s father was also convicted for his role in aiding Lisko in the torture and attack on the teenager in a more than one-hour ordeal. Joel Kennedy, Sr. was sentenced to one year in jail and three years’ probation on February 21, for a false-imprisonment conviction for letting the dog attack his teenage son.

Police testified that Kennedy and Lisko tied up Kennedy’s son. Lisko then allegedly ordered his dog to attack the teen while Kennedy stood nearby, reports FOX6Now.

During Lisko’s trial, a sheriff’s deputy who responded to the house on August 31, testified that he noticed the young victim was injured, and talked to him away from the two men on trial to find out how it happened.

He said the teen told him he was attacked by Lisko’s Pit Bull after he received a command from Lisko. The deputy testified the teen was bound at his ankles by Lisko, then he and the boy’s father tied him to a beam on the front porch and had the dog attack him numerous times.

Lisko was found guilty in May of two felonies--false imprisonment and first-degree reckless injury. Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney said he was hoping for a longer sentence for those charges.

The Reporter Media said that Assistant District Attorney Dennis Krueger told the judge Kennedy is afraid of Lisko and what he might do when he gets out of prison.

Lisko says he is sorry and embarrassed about what happened, WBAY reports.

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