Richard Hale Reunited with Class Ring After 41 Years


A man who lost his class ring 41 years ago was finally reunited with it when someone posted a picture of it on Facebook.

Richard Hale accidentally threw his ring out of his car window when he was throwing something else out in 1972. As the years passed, he never expected to see it again.

And it wasn’t just his college that made the ring special. His parents paid for the Georgia Tech ring even though they were having financial problems.

“We were riding around with friends and for some reason, I tossed something out the window, and when I did, I thought, ‘Oh no my ring is gone,’” Hale said.

But 41 years later, his brother called him and said he saw the ring on Facebook.

“I got a call from my brother who lives in Tennessee; he’s a big Facebook fan. He said: ‘Somebody’s found the ring.’”

Ellen Ramey found the ring and was holding onto it for decades, hoping to someday reunite it with its owner.

“My mother had a class ring,” Ramey said. “I wore it to school and lost it and it just stayed in my mind that it was important that these people get their ring back.”

They got in touch with each other online and Ramey returned the ring to him.

“My mother and daddy sacrificed to pay for it,” Hale said.



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