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Richard Branson: Trump An 'Embarrassment For The World'

Sir Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group Ltd., is not a fan of President Donald Trump. The British billionaire has labeled the president an "embarrassment for the world."

On March 27, Branson blasted Trump during an interview with a New Zealand-based radio station.

"I've found it rather an embarrassment for the world to have an individual running America who does not speak the truth all the time, who... has made it really difficult to get into America, and the list goes on and on," Branson said, according to The Independent.

The world-famous entrepreneur asserted that his critique of Trump is not based on the president's background as a real estate mogul, but in spite of it, citing former independent Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York as an example of a billionaire businessman governing effectively.

"There are a lot of great business leaders like Bloomberg who would have been great presidents of America," Branson continued. "I think Trump is the one businessperson I know who is certainly not the right person to be running a great country like America."

Branson predicted that Trump would not be re-elected in 2020.

"The first days in office have been so disastrous that I think the chances of it lasting more than one term are extremely unlikely and I think that's the only saving grace about the way he's behaving at the moment."

The Virgin Group founder has been a vocal critic of Trump, previously citing his personal run-ins with the president to explain his disdain for him.

On March 22, Branson recalled a casual meeting with Trump that had made an impression on him.

"I don't have to think long to speak against Trump as I know personally that Donald Trump is a very vindictive individual," Branson said during a panel session at the Global Transformation Forum in Malaysia, according to the New Straits Times.

"I had dinner with him once and he was saying that there were five individuals who did not help him when he was bankrupt, and how he will spend his life destroying them," Branson said. "I think this is a sad and dangerous individual and it is sad that he is now in a such powerful and important position."

While Branson is evidently not going to have another dinner with Trump anytime soon, he has become a visible friend of former President Barack Obama. Shortly after Trump assumed the Oval Office, Branson hosted Obama and his family at his home in the British Virgin Islands.

During the post-presidential vacation, Branson taught Obama how to kitesurf, providing the internet with highly shared photos of the former president skimming across the water, CNN reports.

Sources: CNNThe Independent, New Straits Times / Photo Credit: Jarle Naustvik/Flickr

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