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Richard Atkinson Gets 6 Months in Jail for Stabbing Death of Parrot

Richard Atkinson, of Everett, Washington, was sentenced to six months in jail for the stabbing death of his former girlfriend's parrot on Aug. 19.

Atkinson pleaded guilty last month in Snohomish County Superior Court to first-degree animal cruelty and second-degree domestic-violence malicious mischief.

Police claimed that Atkinson was alone at the former couple's home when he killed the parrot with a fork and trashed the house, reports

Atkinson's defense attorney William Steffener said Atkinson doesn't recall what happened, but he may have mixed anti-anxiety medication with whiskey.

Deputy Prosecutor Paul Stern said: "Obviously, these cases are difficult and painful and hard to understand how somebody can do what it is they've done."

Superior Court Judge George Appel ruled that Atkinson cannot own a pet for five years, must undergo a psychiatric evaluation, pay the woman for her parrot and the destroyed belongings.


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