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Rich College Student Rachael Sacks Writes Angry Essay Asking People To Stop Judging Her Because She Has Money

Rachael Sacks, 20, has brought a lot of attention to herself after publishing a strongly worded essay for Thought Catalog in which she asks people to stop judging her just because she is rich.

In the essay, Sacks makes clear that even though she has a lot of money, she still does the same amount of bargain shopping as everyone else. She was inspired to write the essay after checking out at a New York City supermarket and being treated poorly by the cashier because, as she perceived it to be, she has money.

“People shouldn’t make others feel bad about their own personal finances,” writes Sacks in the essay. “How people spend their money is their own choice. There is a certain amount of tact you should show around people who can’t buy exorbitantly expensive things. But should you classify someone as a person based on how they are showing their wealth, or lack of it? It just seems really petty and makes you look bitter and unhappy with your own life if you are casting nasty glares at college girls in Gristedes because you’re a cashier. What purpose does it serve if all you want to do is reflect your own misery on other people?”

Since posting the essay, Sacks has received both criticism and support.

One commenter who agreed with her wrote, “Some people are born into wealth; some people work their way into wealth; some people never achieve wealth, but still have loved ones and happy times and the ability to help other people, if only with a smile. Why be bitter? Life is good. People are people. Everyone has the capacity for kindness, and it sounds like what Rachel is saying is she doesn't like being judged because of her life circumstance. Nobody does. Classism goes both ways. Kudos, Rachel. Go out and make the world a better place.”

Another person, on Twitter, echoed the sentiments of many others, writing, “The level of entitlement in this article is mind blowing. No one is born spoiled, entitled, and snobby. That is a learned behavior. And it's repugnant. I hope that you can modify your behavior before you pass your horrible and selfish attitude down to your children.”

You can read Rachael Sacks’ essay in its entirety here.


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