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Ricardo Woods Sentenced To 36 Years To Life After Murder Victim IDs Him With Blink

After a jury convicted him of murder and felonious assault last month during a trial that centered on a paralyzed victim blinking his eyes to identify his shooter, an Ohio man was sentenced to 36 years to life in prison on Thursday.

Ricardo Woods, 35, was convicted of shooting and killing David Chandler as he sat in a car in Cincinnati in 2010. When police interviewed Chandler in the hospital after the shooting, he was only able to communicate with his eyes. He died about two weeks later.

Prosecutors were seeking the maximum sentence of 37 years to life, while Woods’ defense had asked the judge for the minimum: 18 years to life.

Chandler’s doctor testified during the trial that his patient was able to communicate clearly but Woods’ argued that Chandler's condition and the drugs that were being used to treat him could have inhibited his ability to understand and respond to police.

The defense tried to block showing the jury a video that depicted Chandler blinking three times for "yes" to identify a photo of Woods as his shooter. That effort was unsuccessful and the jury did see the video.

Woods showed no emotion as he was sentenced by Hamilton County Judge Beth Myers. She said that the sentence she gave him was "necessary to protect the public and punish Mr. Woods.” Prior to sentencing, Assistant county Prosecutor David Prem called Woods a “dangerous and violent offender,” and said that his past criminal history, including prison terms for trafficking in cocaine and attempting to kill someone, should be taken into account.

Sources: Yahoo News, CBS News 


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