Rhode Island Police Pepper Spray High School Protesters, Cop Body Slams Teen (Video)

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Police in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, pepper sprayed high school protesters, and arrested eight teens and two adults on Oct. 15 (video below). The protest stemmed from a cellphone video of a cop body slamming a teen onto a floor inside Toleman High School on Oct. 14.

In the cellphone video (below), the officer has one teen on the floor, and slams the second teen in a takedown move, notes WDAM.

Police claim the teens were brothers, and the officer was trying to handcuff a 17-year-old when the 14-year-old attacked the cop.

On Oct. 15, the protest at the school drew Mayor Don Grebien who asked the students to go back to their classes, but agreed to meet a few of them at City Hall.

While a small group of students met with Grebien inside City Hall, a couple of hundred students protested outside.

Police claim the protest moved to a private parking lot where students spit on the officers and threatened them, so the cops used pepper spray, notes WPRI.

Two of the students who were arrested allegedly pulled a fire alarm at the school and broke a car window.

Sources: WDAM, WPIR / Photo credit: WDAM Screenshot


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