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Rhode Island Police Pepper Spray High School Protesters, Cop Body Slams Teen (Video)

Police in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, pepper sprayed high school protesters, and arrested eight teens and two adults on Oct. 15 (video below). The protest stemmed from a cellphone video of a cop body slamming a teen onto a floor inside Toleman High School on Oct. 14.

In the cellphone video (below), the officer has one teen on the floor, and slams the second teen in a takedown move, notes WDAM.

Police claim the teens were brothers, and the officer was trying to handcuff a 17-year-old when the 14-year-old attacked the cop.

On Oct. 15, the protest at the school drew Mayor Don Grebien who asked the students to go back to their classes, but agreed to meet a few of them at City Hall.

While a small group of students met with Grebien inside City Hall, a couple of hundred students protested outside.

Police claim the protest moved to a private parking lot where students spit on the officers and threatened them, so the cops used pepper spray, notes WPRI.

Two of the students who were arrested allegedly pulled a fire alarm at the school and broke a car window.

Sources: WDAM, WPIR / Photo credit: WDAM Screenshot


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