Rhode Island Cop Punches, Drags Woman (Video)


A cell phone video (below) surfaced on July 7 of a police officer dragging a woman, Carolinmar Torres, and punching her in the face at least three times on May 23 in Providence, Rhode Island.

NBC 10 News showed the video to authorities, prompting this response from Providence Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare: "When you look at it, it's a bit shocking. ... Without rushing to judgment, and opining whether it's justified, whether there could have been other tactics, we need to get all the facts first."

A police report was filed by the officers at the time of the incident and the department took no action, so it's not clear which facts are missing or have yet to be collected.

Col. Hugh Clements said: "The people creating the scene at that location were breaking things in the apartment, so the people who called police were in complete fear. Officers needed to take control."

According to the police report, when Officer Michael Place approached Torres, she attempted to strike him and was combative.

An unidentified second woman allegedly got on Place's back, and that's when the officer soon began dragging Torres down some stairs, noted the report.

The report said "multiple strikes, wrestling, and pressure points were used in an attempt to gain control of Torres, who after biting Patrolman Place, was still throwing punches and attempting to kick police officers," noted NBC 10 News.

"Get the f--- up!" Place is heard telling Torres in the video. "Get up!"

In the video, Place drags Torres down the stairs by her hair, while a second officer appears to kick Torres and Place punches her three times in the face.

Place then drags Torres by her hair on the sidewalk and screams, "Get the f--- up!"

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza told NBC 10 News in a statement: "After seeing the video, I believe this matter warrants immediate review. I have directed my public safety commissioner and chief of police to fully investigate this incident."


Sources: NBC 10 News (2) / Photo Credit: Manny Castillo/Facebookvia YouTube

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