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Rev. Jesse Jackson Asks for Donations to His Church at Ferguson Protest, is Booed Off Stage

Rev. Jesse Jackson recently made an appearance in Ferguson, Missouri to speak and march with protestors.

The founder of Rainbow/PUSH coalition reportedly also took the opportunity to ask protestors for donations for his church – a request that went over quite badly.

One Twitter user posted a photo of a visibly dissatisfied protestor staring down Jackson, and accompanied it with the caption, “Jesse Jackson getting booed off for asking for donations for church.”

Another commenter tweeted, “Rev Jesse Jackson asked for donations from the crowd for the church ‘anyone got 100$?!”

The displeased crowd reportedly drove Jackson out of the area; one Twitter user tweeted “Yo, folks in the crowd just ran Jesse Jackson out of here. #Ferguson.”

Jackson’s request for donations drew a predominantly negative reaction from the crowd, including from Twitter user Elisha Colter, who wrote, “That man isn’t a community leader, he’s a vulture.”

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