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Rev. Al Sharpton Not Leaving The US, Pledges To Fight

The Rev. Al Sharpton now says he wasn't serious when he threatened to leave the country if Donald Trump became president.

In February, before President-elect Trump won the Republican primary election, the civil rights activist announced his plans to move to another country in the event of a Trump presidency.

"If Donald Trump is the nominee ... I’m also reserving my ticket to get out of here if he wins," he said, reports The Huffington Post. "Only because he’d probably have me deported anyhow."

But on Nov. 10, two days after Trump won the election, Sharpton said he was only kidding and that he has no plans to move out of the country.

"All of us said that," he told TMZ. "That was said in jest. We're not going anywhere. Clearly, it was said in jest. If that's the comfort they got, they might as well get ready for an uncomfortable ride."

He added that he and others are going to do what they can do protect President Barack Obama's legacy.

"[Trump] can rest assured we're not gonna take our foot off the pedal," Sharpton said. "He is going to have the fight of his life."

Sources: The Huffington Post, TMZ / Photo credit: Thomas Altfather Good/Wikimedia Commons

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