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Retired SWAT Sniper Defends Chris Kyle, American Sniper

Mike Plumb is the latest individual to display his public support for Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the protagonist of the box-office sensation American Sniper.

Plumb is a retired SWAT sniper who has been deemed a hero for his actions in Columbus, Ohio. In 1993, Plumb was working for Special Forces when receiving a phone call about a suicidal man, Doug Conley, who had a .38 caliber revolver held to his chin.

Plumb laid on his stomach 82-yards away from the scene looking through the scope of his sniper rifle waiting for an order. When he was told to do it, Plumb struck the tip of Conley’s gun knocking it out of his hands without harming Conley in the process.

“My idea was hit it right where that cylinder snaps in, break the gun into pieces, take the cylinder out and, you know, disable the weapon. Game over,” Plumb said. “I adjusted myself probably a couple of inches or so, if that, and lined it up and just made my trigger squeeze. And it happened. It was a nice ending to what could have been a very, very bad situation.”

After his heroic actions, Plumb was dubbed a “hero” and made headlines all over the world for his miraculous shot. Footage of his shot is all over the Internet, including several videos and stories on YouTube. Plumb maintains that he was simply doing his job.

Doug Conley has since lived in Tennessee, Florida and Ohio following that faithful day over 20-years ago, in which Plumb may have potentially saved his life with what has been labeled a “top five sniper shot ever captured on video.”

“The film was good, I liked it,” said the 64-year-old when asked about American Sniper.

“The point of that film is not about the number of people he killed, but it's about the lives he saved. That's why we do what we do.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Review, YouTube  /  Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons


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