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Police Find Retired Surgeon Dead At His Home In Wake Of Child Porn Charges

A 69-year-old former surgeon was found dead at his North Naples, Florida, home last week, just days after he was charged with six counts of possessing child pornography.

Freddy Herbert Koenig, who was still registered as a cardiovascular surgeon in Ohio through 2016, was arrested by police June 4 after he attempted to print out pictures of children performing sex acts at a Costco kiosk, the Naples Daily News reported.

Costco employees witnessed Koenig place a memory card into the printing machine after having pre-paid for the pictures. When one member of staff noticed what the pictures were of, they notified a manager.

The manager told Koenig that the pictures violated Costco’s policy, and that the police would have to be informed, according to Inquisitr.

When Collier County deputies arrived, Koenig attempted to flee scene, but was spotted by Costco employees. An officer followed Koenig and apprehended him in the parking lot.

Koenig was swiftly brought before a court, and the charges were filed against him. His next court hearing was due on June 29.

Koenig paid the bond of $125,000 to be released on bail until then.

Five days later, on June 9, Koenig’s bail bondsman raised the alarm when the 69-year-old failed to show for a meeting with his lawyer, The News Press reported. Deputies were sent to Koenig’s home and found the man on his bed with a self-inflicted stab wound to his chest. A note had also been left on his bedside table, the contents of which were not revealed.

His death was confirmed as a suicide the following day.

Police believe the girl in the pictures could have been from Peru, Koenig’s country of origin. A spokeswoman explained that officers were working with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to identify the girl.

Sources: Naples Daily News, The News Press, Inquisitr

Photo Credit: The News Press, Naples Daily News


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