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Retired Postal Worker Melvyn Wilson Wins Lottery Four Times

Many people would love to win the lottery just once, but one man has won it a total of four times. 

Retired postal worker Melvyn Wilson first won money when he scratched a lucky ticket in 2004 in Woodbridge, Va. He won $25,000.

But $25,000 wasn't enough for Wilson, so he continued to buy tickets, feeling he was lucky.

He won another two scratch card tickets the next year, and those were the big wins. The first one got him $1 million and the second got him $500,000.

And now, Wilson has won a fourth time, with the Virginia Lottery's Millionaire Mania scratch-off game. He received $500,000.

Over the years his winnings totaled $2,025,000.

This win came at a time when he wanted the money the most, as he retired from working at the postal service in 2007. 

"I'm just in the right place at the right time," he said.

Wilson is going to continue playing the lottery. He believes he has a chance at winning tonight's Powerball, which is now at a jackpot of $360 million.

The record high for a jackpot is $656 million.

Sources: Daily Mail, NBC


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