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Retired NYPD Officer Shoots, Kills Wife In Front Of Children

A freshly retired New York Police Department cop is being charged with the murder of his wife. Kevin Canty, 43, admitted to police on Saturday that he killed his wife after learning that she cheated on him. Canty just retired from the police force last year.

Police responded to calls from Canty’s home on Saturday morning and found his wife, Jessica Canty, with multiple gunshot wounds to her torso. She was taken to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead soon after. Canty fired 10 shots in total during the incident.

“I’m sorry,” Canty told a Queens detective during an interview. “I loved my wife. She cheated on me.”

Canty told a prosecuting attorney he knew he would soon be headed to jail. He is being charged with second-degree murder and criminal use of a firearm. He allegedly smelled of alcohol following the incident.

In recent weeks, Jessica Canty went to a neighbor’s house and told residents that Canty was drinking too much and threatening to kill her. That neighbor tells the New York Daily News that the Cantys fought loudly at least once a week.

“We tried to block it out,” the anonymous neighbor said. “It was a common thing.”

The couple has two children, both of whom were present in the home when the shooting occurred. 

Sources: CBS, NY Daily News


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