Retired NYPD Cop Claims Florida Officers Used Excessive Force (Video)

Rosemary Aquino, a retired New York Police Department officer, got a phone call on Feb. 1 that her son Bryan, 16, was in a car accident near Stuart, Florida.

Aquino says she drove to the accident scene, pulled off on the side of the road, put her hazard lights on, jumped out of her car and ran over to her son to check on him.

She says three or four cruisers were on the scent from Martin County Sheriff's Department.

“One of the officers grabbed me and said, 'You need to move your car, now,'" Aquino told CBS 12 News (video below).

"So another officer came from behind that officer as I was walking, shoved me from behind, pushed me, and as he was pushing me, he said, 'Get your f------ ass in the car' and screamed, 'Now!'"

The Free Thought Project notes that Aquino's other sons, ages 27 and 19, were also at the scene and filmed part of the arrest on a cellphone (video below. Warning: Contains profanities).

Martin County Sheriff's website states Aquino was charged with, "Resisting arrest w/o violence," but it's not clear why she was being arrested in the first place.

Martin County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Glen Theobald defended the officers' actions based on the police report.

"You don't see what happened before that, what precipitated that arrest, and based on the information from the report, is that the deputy repeatedly asked the woman to step away from the street, move off of the roadway," stated Theobald.

“The deputies were being professional, they were respectful in their comments. They didn’t say anything that was out of line," added Theobald, who was not at the scene.

Sources: CBS 12 News, The Free Thought Project, Martin County Sheriff's Department  Image Credit: 12 News Screenshot


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