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'Take Your Best Shot': Retired Marine Guards Canadian War Memorial While In Uniform

A man who served in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War has been guarding the Canadian National War memorial in uniform, ever since Corporal Nathan Cirillo was shot dead last month by a 'lone wolf' terrorist.

Retired Marine Major R. E. G. “Fox” Sinke, Jr., a Canadian-American dual citizen who lives in Canada, said “the murder of the young Cpl. Cirillo was so despicable and craven that I just couldn’t find it within myself to do nothing.”

According to Western Journalism, Sinke arrived at the memorial around 6:30 a.m. last Friday and stood guard alone until the Canadian honor guard and eight armed Canadian cops noticed him.

At first, they were concerned about him guarding the monument by himself.

“He says, ‘God man, you got more balls than brains don’t you?’” he told the Marine Corps Times. “So I said, ‘Well actually, sir, I was kind of hoping that one of those scum-of-the-earth radicals would show up and take me on because, to tell you the truth, I have always dreamed of being able to confront an evil-doer and run him through with this damn sword.’ So he kind of liked that, you know.”

Sinke said he also received at least two phone calls Tuesday from Arabic speakers who screamed at him and then hung up.

“The only words I recognized were ‘kill you,’ because I’ve heard them before,” he told the Times.

Sinke, a decorated veteran with five Purple Hearts, said he mentioned the phone calls to police officers.

“If they’re looking for a fight, they came to the right guy,” he told police. “I promise you this: If they come here, they’ll die here.”

He had one more message for would-be terrorists: “I said, ‘Hey, you’re looking for a target, here’s a new one for you; give it your best shot; we’ll see how it works out for you.’”

Sources: Western JournalismMarine Corps Times


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