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When A Man Gets Attacked Outside Restaurant, These Employees Didn't Hesitate To Help (Video)

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Workers at a restaurant in Washington, D.C., reportedly came to the aid of a man being brutally attacked (video below).

The incident occurred in an alley next to Ben’s Chili Bowl on June 8. Around 6 p.m., the victim — who identified himself only as Lance — is approached from behind by his attackers. In the video, the attackers appear to punch Lance repeatedly, most likely while holding keys in their hands, reports My Fox DC.

Workers from Ben’s Chili Bowl were outside the restaurant at the time and came to Lance's aid.

“It wasn't even a second of hesitation,” Lance told My Fox DC. “As soon as they saw that something was going on, they ran toward the scene. They started running, not just watching, they were running at the attackers.”

The surveillance footage shows the two attackers being blocked from running away by two Ben’s cooks, who pull their belts off to use as weapons. 

“They pulled their belts off and literally chased them up U Street, making sure they didn't do anything else to me as they came back,” Lance said. “They were fully running.”

Nizam Ali, whose family owns Ben’s Chili Bowl, said he wasn’t surprised by the bravery of the cooks.

“They have both been here for a long time,” he said. “They do whatever it takes in the role of a chef or in the kitchen. They'll do whatever it takes.”

According to Lance, Ali and his family not only turned over surveillance footage of the attack to help locate the suspects, they also have gone out of their way to check in on him — even sending him flowers.

News of the attack came just days after Ben Fishel, the grandson of TV journalist Andy Rooney, said he was attacked just blocks away from Ben’s Chili Bowl. Fishel’s attack prompted Lance to speak out and advise that full, unedited footage of both attacks be released to the public to help identify the suspects.

“I think they should release the full video and show everybody that was involved,” he said. 

Sources: MyFoxDC, YouTube

Photo credit: Screenshot via MyFoxDC


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