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Restaurant Refuses To Serve A Man With Facial Tattoos

A Houston man says he and his friends were looking forward to grabbing dinner at Bombshell's off of I-45 and Fuqua, but the chain restaurant refused to serve him because he had facial tattoos.

Erik Leighton says he was told the restaurant has a policy against allowing people with face tattoos inside of its establishment because they are trying to keep Houston's gang members from patronizing the business. But Leighton, who owns two cats, works at a plant, and does not have a criminal record, says he is not a gang member and that the restaurant was discriminating against him, reports KHOU.

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"It makes you feel like less of a person when you're escorted out for no reason," Leighton told KHOU.

The young man posted about his negative experience on social media. Within hours, so many negative reviews were posted on Facebook and Yelp that Bombshell's Facebook page had to be taken down. 

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The company, which says its tattoo policy is only in place in the Houston location, defended its position to KHOU: "Furqua has the largest gang concentration in Houston. One common factor with gangs are face and neck tattoos. We can't allow gangs to overtake our establishment." 

Leighton says he is hoping his experience and the public's overwhelming response will convince Bombshell's to change its policy. 

Source: KHOU/Photo Credit: KHOU


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