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Restaurant Patron Tips Three Servers $5,000 Each After $9 Meal

It looks like the generous tippers of the world are trying to outdo each other.  

Yesterday, we told you about the $1,075 tip left for Tennessee waitress Khadijah Muhammed. As amazing as that tip was, it didn’t take long for someone to raise the bar.

On Saturday, a customer dining at the Boone County Family Restaurant in Caledonia, Illinois left her servers a $15,000 tip. The tip was split between three waitresses at $5,000 each.

“She presented it to us and said to put it in our pockets and use it for school or whatever we needed,” waitress Sarah Seckinger said. “All three of us just started crying.”

The servers figure the anonymous patron must have overheard them talking about their financial struggles during her meal. Seckinger says she and her co-workers were discussing their student loan debts and their desires to return to school while the woman was eating.

"I wasn't even waiting on her," said Seckinger. "I was just rolling silverware. We were talking about school and braces and loans and everything we can't afford and she just took it upon herself."

"It means a lot," recipient Amber Kariolich added. "Well, we all want to go back to school. Everybody has bills and what not so it means a lot."

At first, the manager of the restaurant was skeptical as to whether the checks were authentic. He called the bank listed on the checks to verify them.

“They said there was no hold on the checks,” the manager said.  “We are in a small population of a town and we’ve been here for 30-some years and for people to do know that there’s nice people out there. It was very generous.”

The waitresses, as you would imagine, are still in shock. Sabani hopes she can one day help someone else in the same way.

"I work two jobs and I have a little boy at home so maybe spend more time with him and do more things with him and just get ahead of myself," Sabani said. "I hope that one day I have the amount to do the same thing to somebody else."

Sources: WIFR, ABC


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