Restaurant Offers Discount To Gun Carrying Customers


Carrying a gun will get you a discount at at least one Louisiana restaurant.

Bergeron’s Restaurant in Port Allen specializes in cajun cooking, and if you carry a gun you get 10% off your meal.

"I just need to see a weapon. I need you to be carrying a gun," says Bergeron's owner Kevin Cox.

The discount is a new promotion the restaurant started a couple of weeks ago, reports NBC33tv.

Cox said the idea began as a way to thank law enforcement officers that go to his restaurant often. When other gun carrying customers began asking for the discount, Cox was happy to offer it to them too.

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(via WAFB)

"As long as everybody has a gun we're all the same size," says Cox.

"I keep hearing so much about people banning guns. Target's banning guns and these people are banning guns,” Cox said. “Don't they realize that that's where people with guns are going to go? I want to take the opposite approach. How can I make my place safer?”

Bergeron’s customers seem to like the new promotion.

"I think it protects the restaurant. It discourages people from breaking in. If they think someone may have a gun and it's concealed, you'll think twice about coming in and robbing somebody," said customer Steve Moore to WAFB.

"You feel safer because I mean somebody walks in and wants to rob the place, they're going to think twice when they see it's not a gun free place," said customer Mike Campbell.

Cox says he gives out 15 to 20 discounts per day to gun carrying customers.

Photo Source: NBC33tv


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