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Restaurant Employees Under Investigation For Spitting In Police Officers' Food


A restaurant in Rogers, Arkansas, is under investigation following accusations that employees spit in food ordered by a group of police officers.

A tip received by by NWA News claimed the incident occurred at Genghis Grill on Sept. 22.

“One of the officer's order was 'lost' and was told to come back in a day or 2 for a free meal. When he came back, the waitress confided that the cooks spit in ... all their food the previous day,” said the tip, written by the wife of one of the officers involved. The tip continued, “When he left, some of the staff followed them into the parking lot making pig noises."

General Manager Nic Kelley told reporters he was working at the time of the alleged incident, and that the events did not unfold as has been described. According to Kelley, the officers were served their meals except for one. That officer was told to come back for a free meal, which he did later that day. The incident, Kelley said, was then resolved. 

“Genghis Grill as a company has always had a long-standing and healthy relationship with local law enforcement,” Genghis Grill said in a statement on its Facebook page. “In addition our CEO visited the store on Saturday to discuss with our staff members.”

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“The Rogers Police Department is aware of an issue occurring at the local Genghis Grill last month. We are currently reviewing this matter and speaking with our employees who were involved,” a statement from the police department read. 

“We are also aware that Genghis Grill is independently looking into this matter and look forward to working with them to resolve the issue. At this point, we will have no further comment as we look to determine whether criminal charges are warranted or not.”

Sources: NWA, 5 News / Photo credit: 5 News, Genghis Grill


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