Restaurant Employee Fired After Referring To Customers As 'Black Couple' On Receipt (Photo)


A restaurant employee in Missouri has been terminated after referring to a pair of customers as “Black Couple” on their receipt.

The incident occurred Saturday, according to receipt. A couple had dined at Patrick’s Westport Grill in Maryland Heights, FOX 2 reported.

When it came time to pay their bill, the couple noticed an unusual description on their receipt. Instead of the table number, which is usually stated on the receipt, the bill read, “Black Couple In.”

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Photos of the receipt were sent to the news station by angry viewers. The restaurant’s longtime owner, Patrick Hanon, issued a public apology on Facebook.

The statement read:

“I, Patrick Hanon, sincerely apologize for the unacceptable act that is not symbolic of our company values or beliefs. We do not tolerate this behavior and have a zero tolerance for this behavior. This is not our management style and have addressed this issue. We are reevaluating our hiring, training, and screening process so that we develop the most professional of individuals. This was an isolated event which we do not and will not tolerate. Patrick's is a family owned business and during our 33 years I have always treated my customers as family and encourage my employees to do so as well. We appreciate our loyal family members and our new family members.”

Hanon explained in the comments section that the employee has been terminated and said that she made an “extremely bad decision when she could not remember her table numbers.”

Some Facebook users noticed the bill came out to an extra $1.50 due to a non-itemized charge, which Patrick’s later confirmed was for a double-shot of liquor. The option to label recipients with anything other than the table number has also been removed from the restaurant's system.

Sources: FOX 2, Facebook

Photo Credit: Fox 2


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