Response to Misguided Comments


This is a response to vitriolic comments to this article.

You do not live in Arizona or California. You have not been in Linda’s position. You have not felt her pain nor heard my daughter’s tears as she tried to tell me what happened to her dog, Leroy. You do not comprehend the pain and suffering that vicious dogs are capable of inflicting on smaller animals. You appear not to have an ounce of understanding regarding the very serious issue responsible dog owners are facing everywhere with an increase in vicious dog attacks.

So let me share with you that last week two dogs were attacked in Phoenix within hours of each other. Sahara, a beautiful miniature poodle, did not survive. Leroy, a Gabriel’s Angels pet therapy dog is surviving, but it took 4 surgeries to put him back together. He was ripped apart by vicious dogs. Leroy’s and Sahara’s story, photos of injuries and how he looked when he came home are here: and

The direct link to Sahara’s and Leroy’s news story:

While Leroy came home, his vet bills are now over $12,000 but Sahara did not come home. And in Bakersfield, CA, Ruffy was attacked in his own yard by two pit bulls that jumped their fence and his; this graphic story is found here:

Trinket, another small breed dog was also attacked in Surprise, AZ by two pit bulls, suffering puncture wounds, scrapes and is now traumatized, fearful of going outside. Within this last week, I am aware of 3 dog attacks in the Phoenix area and now 2 in California, plus 1 infant death in Florida. This blog specifically tracks pit bull attacks worldwide and has statistics: If that does not indicate a problem, then you are living in a different reality.

Having said all this, I will tell you that I also do not live in Arizona. But I have worked tirelessly for Fabian’s Law. There is no way for dog owners to recover at least their medical costs, as the Andrades pointed out, with dog to dog attacks. This need is supported by another writer who suggested that the laws have not kept pace with changes in how dogs are utilized, a very valid point. And finally, I am a tenacious mother who will support and fight for her responsible hard-working daughters and their families and that includes their pets. 

Look at the photos, and then tell me legislation isn’t needed – in all states! As for the reporter, she did a fine job of reporting and included all relevant issues such the proposal to increase dog numbers per household.  Linda has an uphill battle; it should not be this way for her or any responsible dog owners. As a responsible pet owner, I urge all readers to sign Fabian's Law petition. You do not have to live in Arizona to do this. You can sign the petition here:

You have not walked in Linda’s or my daughter’s shoes. I hope you never do.

Tenacious Mom  


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