USPS Carrier Asks Residents To 'Ship All You Can'


A Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USPS branch apologized after several residents received fliers in their mailboxes from a carrier requesting that they artificially increase their mail volume so she can make more money.

The flier was distributed to homeowners living along Route 16, which the carrier in question was in charge of, during the week of March 6, KUSA reports.

A USPS spokesperson said carriers who are assigned to rural routes, like the one where the fliers were distributed, are evaluated to assess the volume of the route as well as distance and other factors. The evaluation then determines workload and level of compensation.

"During the period of March 12- March 25, 2016, I would really appreciate your help," the flier read, according to KUSA. "The USPS 'counts' every piece of mail, parcels, etc. that I handle. The purpose of this 2- week sampling is to set my pay, paid time off, etc. for the ensuing year. So please mail, mail, order, order, click and ship all you can.

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"Don't email, message, phone your friends, relatives, or pay bills online. Instead, communicate the old fashioned way: letters, cards and presents. Make your 7th grade teacher proud by practicing your penmanship (remember those 'push/pulls'?) and poetic talents you've been suppressing because of the shortcuts of the Internet."

The carrier then went on to explain that increasing her workload might eventually get her a paid day off. "What a concept!" she joked.

USPS subsequently responded to the letter, apologizing to residents for the actions of their employee.

"The carrier’s note was not endorsed by the Postal Service and is against policy that prohibits solicitation of the public," their statement read. "We apologize to the customers who received it and assure them that appropriate action will be taken."

It's unclear what action the company took following the fliers and if the carrier is still employed by USPS.

The USPS made headlines on another occasion recently, with the alleged assault of a mail carrier in Boston, Massachusetts.

The incident occurred after the carrier witnessed a group of teens stealing a package and confronted them, WFXT reported. The teens then proceeded to push him to the ground and break his glasses.

Sources: KUSA, WFXT / Photo credit: Wikipedia, Christine Noel/KUSA

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