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Residents Of Valdese, N.C., Upset After Police Shoot ‘Well-Known’ Dog

Residents of a North Carolina town are upset after a police officer shot a “well-known neighborhood dog.” The officer apparently felt threatened by the dog. It had to be euthanized because of its injuries; this all happened in Valdese, N.C.

The dog’s owner, Holly Woody, returned home on Sunday night after a visit to the store and saw police cars surrounding her house. "They said 'we had to shoot your dog,' and my son started crying," Woody said.

Her neighbor, Sydney Mason, saw the whole thing.

"There was no need for violence or a gun to be drawn. What was going on? What is happening? Why is there a nine millimeter or .38 being pulled in my small neighborhood of Valdese, where there are small children? What is going on because this is unnecessary force over a dog that hadn't bitten anybody," Mason said.

Police were investigating a report of a dog on the loose. It did not bite or injure anybody during the incident, The Blaze reported.

Valdese Police Chief Jack Moss declined to discuss the incident on camera in the event that Woody’s family decides to take legal action. She has said that she doesn’t think she’ll file a lawsuit.

Sources: The Blaze, WBTV


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