This Naked Statue Is Rubbing Some People The Wrong Way (Photos)

A small countryside New York neighborhood is up in arms right now over a statue put up by one of their neighbors.

Real estate tycoon Aby Rosen purchased and put up a 33-foot-tall statue of a woman the statue’s creator says is the Virgin Mary. The statue’s creator, Damien Hirst, created the left side of the statue with no skin, revealing the woman’s flesh, muscle, and a fetus inside her womb.

Old Westbury, New York mayor Fred Carillo says the statue is totally out of line with the character and image of the rural area.

"It's out of character with the neighborhood," Carillo said of the statue. "We have to appease the residents, they have to preserve their bucolic views. The question is, does it belong in Old Westbury? Does it belong on a residential property?"

Here are a few pictures of the statue:

Image placeholder title
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Rosen’s property is on a conservation easement, which is a region with rules in place to preserve the natural landscapes and topography of an area. Because of this, residents of the town can enact rules to maintain certain appearances on properties in the area. Residents have reportedly already gathered to make a rule that would limit statues on residential properties in the area to 25-feet tall.

Source: NY Daily News


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