Residents Of Rhine, Georgia Form Mob And Track Down A Convenience Store Robber


In a scenario similar to the angry villagers of olden days running a criminal out of town, local residents of a small Georgia town formed a mob and chased down the robber of a convenience store, ultimately cornering him and forcing his arrest. 

The incident began when 60-year-old Rhine, Georgia resident Ken Lowery entered the local Aden convenience store and the woman behind the counter informed him that the store had just been robbed.

“The lady screamed at me and said ‘I’ve been robbed, he’s got a gun, and I gave him money,” Lowery told WGXA. 

When Lowery noticed the alleged robber casually walking away in the distance, he began pursuing the man. Those that heard Lowery and the store clerk’s story quickly joined the cause, tracking the man by foot and in vehicles. Lowery described the scene, claiming that a mob quickly formed in order to catch the robber that had disrupted life in their town. 

“People just kept coming around and they were mad, people in Rhine were mad. Here we had an armed robbery in the middle of the day at Aden’s and they wanted to form a posse.”

Lowery described the disorganized nature of the manhunt, claiming “we didn’t have no leader of it all, we just went all our separate ways and the people in Rhine they knew they were going to get that rascal.” 

The suspect was eventually cornered in a shed nearby the store, where Lowery fired a warning shot from his rifle. The man stayed hidden in the shed until local police enforcement arrived and arrested the man, 24-year-old Damien Durham. The saying is “don’t mess with Texas,” but it appears as if the citizens of Rhine might have a new slogan for themselves after this most recent display of community unity.

Some pro-2nd Amendment sites, such as Bearing Arms, have begun framing the story of an instance in which guns were used in a positive manner. Major Donald Helms of the Dodge County, Georgia Sheriff's office concur with that sentiment, claiming that "it's just a story of good guys with guns." 


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