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Residents Of Lakeville, Minnesota, Disturbed By Poisoned Hot Dogs Left For Pets To Eat

Residents of Lakeville, Minnesota, are growing increasingly worried about multiple cases of poisoned hot dog meat in backyards and driveways throughout the town. The hot dogs found were stuffed with pills and metal objects.

The area that has been targeted has multiple dog owners, so the tainted meat is especially disturbing to them. Lindsay Perez, who owns two dogs, said that both had eaten hot dogs with sharp metal objects in them.

One of her dogs, Pablo, ate a hot dog containing 11 screws and is currently hospitalized. Her other dog, Yogi, had surgery to remove safety pins lodged in its throat.

Perez claims that she also found steel wool in pieces of hot dogs on the ground.

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Lakeville police also confirmed that a dog suddenly died of unknown reasons while on a walk with its owner on Sunday. The preliminary x-ray results do not show any foreign objects inside the dog. However, toxicology reports should reveal the cause of death.

Residents of the targeted area have alerted each other of the danger posed to their dogs. They have made sure to broadcast the threat through social media.

Tess Gustafson, a local resident, said, “We think it's happening overnight when everyone's in bed and no one's around.”

Police have not been able to link Sunday’s death to the poisoned hot dogs but have announced that they are treating this case as a criminal investigation. Suspects will be charged with animal cruelty.

Sources: KMSP / Photo Source: KMSP


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