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Cops: Residents Forced To Strip Naked By Armed Home Invaders

Three men armed with guns and a liquor bottle allegedly broke into an Oklahoma home and forced the residents to strip naked.

The five residents of the home were startled when the three men reportedly forced their way into the home.

The intruders held the residents at gun point and forced them to strip naked and stand against a wall, reports KFOR.

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The Blaze reports that three of the victims were pistol-whipped and hit in the head with the liquor bottle.

One victim had a gun pointed at his head as the intruders counted down from four. They only made it to the number two before a sound stopped them -- that of the police.

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Police were heard identifying themselves outside the home, and the suspects took off running. One reportedly went out the back window, and another hid in the bathroom after hiding his gun in the bedroom.

Of the three suspects, two have been arrested. Police are still searching for other suspects involved.

Source: The Blaze, KFOR  Photo Source: The Blaze, News 9


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