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Residents Finally Discover Why Their Water Had That 'Strange' Taste

Carmen Yarira Noriega Esparza, 27, a psychology graduate and aspiring actress, was missing for more than a year. She disappeared from Mexico City, Mexico, in February of 2014, and her friends and family feared she’d been kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery.

Tragically, Mirror has reported Esparza’s body was found badly decomposed in a city water tank. The grisly discovery was made after residents complained that their drinking water had a "strange taste."

"City officials were called to the tank, and when they opened it up, they found the body in a high state of putrefaction," a police spokesperson said.

"However, she has already been identified as the missing woman from implants that she had as a result of a plastic surgery operation," he added.

The cause of death has yet to be identified, but the investigation is focused on a businessman Esparza had been involved with before dating a lawyer. The unidentified businessman had been paying the rent on her apartment, but the week Esparza disappeared she was supposed to move out.

Friends and family had launched a social media campaign to find Esparza after an initial police investigation failed to find her.

Esparza’s friend, Javier Paz, remembered her fondly: "She was a talented and beautiful women [sic] who dreamed of being an actress.”

Source: Mirror / Image via Mirror


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