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Houston Man Shoots Intruder In The Head After He Breaks Into His Apartment

A Houston man shot another man in the head after he reportedly tried breaking into his apartment with two other suspects, KHOU reports.

Police arrived at the Cherry Creek Apartments in northwest Houston after the resident called 911 at around 3:30 a.m. on Feb. 19 to report he had shot a burglar.

Officers found the alleged burglar with a gunshot wound to the head and took him to a nearby hospital as they continued their investigation.

Investigators said a window was smashed and the front door was kicked in, indicating forced entry. They questioned the resident but did not arrest him.

Houston Police Department said it is now looking for two other suspects who fled the scene but it does not have a description of either.

“It was just bang, bang, bang,” a first-floor neighbor told KHOU. “Then you heard bodies hit the ground, and it woke us up. It was terrifying, but it happens everywhere.”

Another neighbor expressed support for the resident’s swift reaction.

“This man’s asleep in his own house, and then someone intrudes on his privacy,” the neighbor said. “Yes, I would have done the same thing.”

Police are also investigating potential reasons as to why this particular apartment was targeted. Neighbors described the resident who shot the suspect as a quiet man who keeps to himself.

Source: KHOU / Photo Credit: Screenshot from KHOU


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