Reserve Officer Denied Service At Restaurant Because Of Weapon


A reserve officer in Tulsa, Oklahoma, says he was denied service at a local restaurant because he had his weapon on him.

Officer Brian Radford shared his story on Facebook on Sept. 13, explaining that staff at Redrock Canyon Grill told him they could not serve him if he had his service weapon on him.

At the time, Radford was wearing a polo shirt and his police belt — the uniform of the Mounds Police Department. 

Mounds Asst. Police Chief Craig Murray spoke to KRMG about the incident, explaining that it was all a misunderstanding. He said that Redrock Canyon Grill contacted the police department and apologized for the incident.

According to Murray, the restaurant told police that the person serving Radford was a manager in training who misunderstood the company's policy. The trainee manager in question admitted fault in the incident.

Despite its no-weapon policy, the restaurant said it welcomes uniformed police officers.

"They want to make sure the public's aware that police officers can come, they can be armed and eat there,” Murray added.

Sources: Cop Block, Fox 23, KRMG

Photo credit: Mounds Police Department via KRMG, Fox 23


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