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Researchers Trying to Classify Mysterious "Snot-Fish" in Australia

Scientists in Australia are trying to figure out exactly what the mysterious creature that washed up on an Australian beach could be. Many call it a “snot-fish” and preliminary reports say that it is a part of the jellyfish family.

A family was out collecting shells on the Tasmanian beach when they stumbled upon the creature, which literally looks like a puddle of snot. The family took a picture of it and sent it to a marine biologist who confirmed that it was some sort of jellyfish. Even though it has been scene before, the marine biologist was shocked that it was measured almost five feet, saying that was the biggest he’s ever seen.

“We know about this specimen but it hasn't been classified yet, it hasn't been named,” said scientist Lisa Gershwin, adding that the specimen is, “so big it took our breath away.”

Researchers say that the creature isn’t life-threatening, but it can hurt if contact is made with it.

"If you touched it or whacked into when you were swimming it is very painful," said Gershwin. "It's not life-threatening, but it will sting you, it will wake you up."

Scientists are actively trying to classify this specimen, but in the meantime, the nickname “snot-fish” seems entirely appropriate.

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