Four Puppies Left To Die In A Dirty Sack (Photos)


A litter of four 5-week-old puppies almost died when they were put in a dirty sack and abandoned in a field.

In the early morning of Aug. 21, a woman stumbled upon a small black puppy wandering around outside alone while she was feeding chickens near Bogota, Colombia.

The woman happened to be a volunteer at Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary and is the sister of the founder, Juliana Castaneda Turner. She took the pup in her arms and went to find Turner, who advised her to check the area for more puppies.

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The sisters eventually discovered a dirty white sack sitting in a field. When they untied it, three more puppies, in terrible condition, were inside. The pups -- estimated to be 5-weeks old -- were covered in fleas, terrified, weak, starving and dehydrated.

Someone had separated the puppies from their mother and left them to die.

Turner told The Dodo she suspects someone who lives nearby threw the puppies away. "The people ... [are] very evil with animals and have many dogs," she said.

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JAS shared the story on Facebook writing, "We rushed them to the vet ... [and] started them on typical puppy shots and flea and heart worm prevention. Thankfully, the young dogs were mostly healthy.”

The puppies need to fully recover before they can be adopted.

Unfortunately, the task of finding homes for the abandoned puppies is difficult considering the huge numbers of stray dogs in Colombia.

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"There [are] too many dogs here," she said. Nonetheless, if the dogs are not adopted, they will still have the animal sanctuary to call home.

Three of the abandoned puppies are female while one is male. They are still traumatized from the abuse.

"They have fear, [they're] shaking all the time," Turner told The Dodo.

"You know I am upset, sad and in shock," she added. "But at the same time, even when I don't have all the money that they need, I will try my best. I am very happy that they are here [and] safe."

JAS is accepting contributions to help with caring for the animals.

Sources: The Dodo, Juliana's Animal Sanctuary/Facebook, Juliana's Farm / Photo credit: JAS via The Dodo

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