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Rescued Pit Bull Severely Mauls Patty Miller, Ken Fink in Baltimore as They “Pet Sit” for Daughter

A rescued Pit Bull they were “pet sitting” for their daughter attacked and seriously mauled two people in Glen Burnie late Friday afternoon, Anne Arundel County police said. Glen Burnie is a suburb of Baltimore.

Police responded to 300 Highland Drive around 5:30 p.m. after receiving a 911 report of a Pit Bull attacking two adults. Police described the injuries as “severe.”

Officers said that when they arrived, the saw the woman in the entry door to an apartment, suffering from multiple bite wounds. As they approached, the Pit Bull ran down from an upper landing and again "went after" the woman, the report stated.

Officers distracted the dog to stop the vicious attack on the woman, but the Pit Bull then turned on the police officers. One had to use a Taser to deter it so they could begin offering aid to the female victim. Once they had gained entry to the apartment they found the man also bleeding badly and suffering from multiple bite wounds, the Baltimore Sun reports.

The victims, Patty Miller, 57, and her fiance, Ken Link, 53, were taken to Maryland Shock Trauma Center, where both underwent surgery. The woman suffered from serious wounds and deep gashes on her legs and both arms, but was released after surgery. The man remained in the hospital, police state.

From her home on Sunday, Patty Miller recounted the terrifying attack for ABC7 News, saying, “"I've never seen anything like this in my life.”

She said her daughter has adopted the dog, named Capone, some years ago. The Pit Bull had reportedly “been in a household where he had been abused.”

She said that she and Fink had taken Capone for a walk and he escaped from his collar during a confrontation with a smaller dog. Link tried to put the collar back on Capone, but the agitated Pit Bull turned on them and began biting both of them.

"We were both trying to protect our face the whole time, and neck," she said.

Miller said the couple had to try to fend off the vicious assault of the dog as they struggled to get into Patty's Glen Burnie apartment building, but the dog was so relentless in his pursuit of them that he pushed his way inside the building’s main door to continue his attack.

Patty Miller told ABC7 News that Link managed to get down some steps to her apartment door, which they believed they had left unlocked, but he discovered it wasn’t and he was pinned in a corner against the door as Capone continued its vicious attack on him.

A neighbor described that there was blood all over the walls of the stairwell and down the stairs as Fink had tried to get away from the Pit Bull, who savagely ripped at his flesh.

"My fiancé was trapped against the door," Patty said. "A neighbor up on the third floor threw a knife down, and said, 'you have to stab him!' And I threw a knife to my fiancé...and he couldn't even feel his hands at that point. His hands were too bad."

Patty says it will be a very long time before the numerous severe wounds heal, but she also is apparently suffering from the post-trauma syndrome that follows serious injuries in brutal dog attack incidents. She said she's having trouble sleeping because she keeps seeing the attack in her mind over and over.

"We just thank God that it was us and nobody else," she said. "We're thanking God that we're alive."

She told ABC that she is mainly glad that the Pit Bull didn’t snap while he was at her daughter’s home, where her three grandchildren trusted the dog as the family pet.

The Pit Bull was described in the police report as an unaltered male between 2 and 3 years old, and was described as “found dead later.”

Source: Baltimore Sun, WJLA


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