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Rescued Pit Bull Attacks 15-Month-Old Toddler, Owner Calls Dog a “Good Girl”

A Pit Bull mauled a 15-month-old baby boy in a home at 3426 Ivy Lane on Wednesday, according to Caledonia police. Caledonia is a village in Racine County, Wisconsin.

"My son, who's 15 months, is bleeding from the face. The dog bit him in the face," the frantic mother told the 911 dispatcher.

The little boy was sitting on the floor eating a cookie when the Pit Bull lunged at his face, according to WISN 12 News. Police said the baby’s mother had moved into the house with her boyfriend’s family only about a week ago.

"The dog had bitten the child in the face. It had ripped open a part of his nose, around the mouth area was torn open. The child lost several teeth," Caledonia police Lieutenant Gary Larsen told WISN 12.

The boyfriend's mother, Jacqueline Ziminski, owns the pit bull. Police said she was attacked by the dog a few years ago, sending her to the hospital to get stitches on her hand.

Ziminiski spoke to WISN 12 News briefly on camera about Wednesday night's attack and said it was an accident.

"All you do is talk bad stuff and nothing good, and it was just an accident. My baby is a good girl," Pit Bull owner Jacqueline Ziminski said.

Neighbors told WISN 12 News they were terrified of the pit bull named Mary Jane, according to the report. One neighbor said he had been bitten twice by the dog.

The toddler was taken to Wisconsin Children’s Hospital, where he had surgery and is recovering.

The Pit Bull was impounded by Wisconsin Humane Society and will be euthanized. Police said the dog was reportedly abused by its prior owners.

Police said they are investigating the incident but no charges have been made.


Source: WISN


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