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Rescue Workers Save Puppy Trapped Inside Steel Pipe (Video)


Video footage captured the amazing moment that a dog in Thailand was rescued after getting stuck inside a steel pipe. 

After the dog was found trapped inside the pipe, a crowd formed and animal rescue workers began attempting to free the terrified puppy. The workers were able to crack the pipe with electronic pliers, but the dog's head remained stuck inside a narrow portion of the pipe. With the puppy's life in danger, rescuers worked frantically to free it for about 40 minutes. 

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The workers attempted to free the dog's head and ears from the pipe to no avail, so they began lathering it with soap and water. Once the dog was covered, they gently pushed its face downwards into the pipe.

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The pipe gave way and the dog quickly slid out, letting out an enthusiastic bark to let everyone know it was okay. 

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The pup was washed and cleaned by rescue workers, and the stunned crowd applauded their efforts.

Watch the incredible rescue below.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo Credit:


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