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Republican presidential candidate would not appoint any Muslims, even if secular

Herman Cain is a wannabe GOP presidential candidate. He, most likely, won't be our next president. He stated in an interview that it is not the role of Muslims to convert people to Islam in the U.S. because we are a Judeo-Christian religion. In fact, he said he resented it. First of all, everybody in America has an absolute and complete right to peacefully try to persuade their fellow Americans to any belief system they wish. If a theocrat such as Herman Cain wants to tell me we are a Judeo-Christian nation, though our Constitutional protections on freedom of speech, religion, due process and other fundamental rights are not found in the bible but instead opposed by the bible in numerous cases, he has the absolute right to do so. I do not resent in the least the right of Cain to convince me of any of his belief systems but he definitely resents not only Muslims having the ability and right to do so, but obviously humanists such as I trying to persuade my fellow Americans that humanism is a better choice for them and America than Christianity.

Herman Cain also has stated he would not appoint as president any Muslims to cabinet or judicial positions. Any, not just radicals but even the most secular Muslims he would not appoint. If an atheist running for president (I hope one day) stated they would not appoint any Christians whatsoever to high position I would think he was mad. There are many good Christians who respect the principle that the government should be neutral when it comes to religion and I would as the first hypothetical atheist president, would be fine with these individuals. Would I appoint someone like Pat Robertson? No, but that isn't because he is a Christian but because he is a theocrat who wants to impose his religious beliefs on the rest of us. He opposes same sex marriage and is a supporter of anti-sodomy laws because of his religious beliefs.

The average Muslim in America doesn't want to impose sharia law on the rest of us and being a federal judge hardly gives one the power or ability to do so. There are too many checks and balances in the nation. But, let's be honest the only group with the power and ability to impose any kind of religious law on the rest of America, are Christian fundamentalists. They have enacted Blue Laws, they have censored movies and books, they put obscenity laws in place and they led the ban to deny gay men and women the ability to marry whom they love. They are a minority of the much more tolerant general Christian population of our nation. They and only they, are the real threat to freedom in America.


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