Republican presidential candidate says be very afraid that gays want to marry

Michelle Bachmann, a congresswoman who seems to represent a lunatic asylum, has stated: "Marriage is under siege like no other time in America."

Was she talking about the three times married conservative presidential candidate Newt Gingrich? No, she was of course, talking about gays. See, if you don't protect marriage, than gay men will siege your marriage and take it over! Wait, that can't be right. It's not like your own marriage will end if two men or two women can marry. No, the concept of marriage must be under this supposed dire threat. Look at these quotes in "protection" of marriage.

"These types of marriages are abominable. If allowed they would pollute America."

"Such unions are not only unnatural, but always productive of deplorable results, such as increased effeminate behavior in the population."

"They are productive of evil, and evil only, without any corresponding good in accordance with the God of nature."

Strong stuff in protection of marriage from gays and les...wait, those were quotes in opposition to interracial marriages over 40 years. Those who wish to continue to have our nation to treat gays and lesbians as inferior citizens are of the same mindset of those who wanted to treat the relationships of interracial couples, as inferior and even worth being put in jail. They deny that now of course, but the only reason they have changed their minds on that particular issue, for the most part, is because of progressives who through decades of hard work convinced them they were wrong. Just as progressives changed the mind of conservatives even more decades ago, when it came to women's suffrage. A historical pattern that the right-wing never seems to absorb.

Rep. Bachmann wants states to put in bans on same sex marriages, that don't already have them. Well that ship has sailed. No state will impose bans on same sex marriage anymore. Half, if not more, of the American people now support same sex marriage. Those numbers are rapidly increasing. In fact, these bans will be repealed within not that much time. Eventually there will be same sex marriages performed and recognized, in Alabama, and no one will bat an eye.


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