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ISIS Militants Allegedly Contracted Ebola

A group of ISIS militants in Iraq have allegedly gone to a local hospital to be treated for what is believed to be Ebola.

Three local media outlets reported this week that a number of ISIS fighters have shown signs of the deadly disease and were taken to a hospital in Mosul to be treated. The reports are currently unconfirmed, but the World Health Organization says that they are investigating the claims and that they are attempting to reach out to officials in the area to offer help.

“We have no official notification from [the Iraqi government] that it is Ebola,” WHO’s director of communications Christy Feig told Mashable in a statement.

Feig reportedly went on to acknowledge that, despite their best efforts to offer help to area officials, if Ebola has in fact reached them, having an impact in an ISIS-controlled area could prove to be challenging.

Ebola reached epidemic levels last year in parts of Africa, and fear that the virus would spread in the United States took over the headlines for weeks this past fall. However, so far, the disease has yet to make any serious impact in the states.

Iraq’s pro-government newspaper al Sabaah claims that the disease has spread to Mosul through “terrorists” coming from “several countries” in Africa.

Symptoms of Ebola include nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, bruising, and severe bleeding, but any of those ailments could be attributed to a number of other conditions, so it’s not entirely clear if the reported Ebola diagnoses are accurate.

Sources:Daily Mail, Mashable / Photo Sources: Mashable, Daily Mail


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