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Reports Of Hate Crimes By Trump Supporters Pour In (Photos)

Merely two days after President-elect Donald Trump was voted in, stories are pouring in on social media of racial minorities, religious minorities and women being harassed and attacked by the business mogul's supporters.

WARNING: These photos contain graphic language.

Throughout the 2016 presidential election, critics of Trump have accused him of emboldening bigoted attitudes in the U.S. with his provocative rhetoric. 

Following his election, numerous Americans have reported disturbing incidents of being targeted by strangers who exhibited support for Trump, The Huffington Post reports.

Ashley Boyer, an African-American woman from Delaware, recounted how four white men loudly used racial slurs while she was at a gas station.

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“Now me being myself, I just kept quiet… until one walked over to me… and said, ‘how scared are u, you black b****???” Boyer wrote. She recounted how one of the other men brandished a firearm towards her and threatened to kill her.

“I have called the police, but I am shaken…upset…and confused… is this what America is going to be like from here on out??!!” Boyer wrote.

Jennifer Crossley, an African-American woman from Indiana, recounted how on Nov. 9 a group of white men approached her while she was crossing the street.

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“As they sped their truck up on me, they rolled their window down and yelled, ‘F*** you n***** b****. Trump is going to deport you back to Africa,’” Crossley wrote. “This just happened less than 24 hours after America voted Trump for president ... in my 33 years of life, I’ve never had blatant racism shown to me than in that moment.”

On Nov. 9, Derrick Lewis, an African-American man, tweeted out a picture of graffiti written on a wall in Durham, North Carolina.


In Louisiana, a Muslim college student says she was assaulted by two men who struck her, beat her while she lay on the ground and stole her headscarf. One of the suspects reportedly wore a white hat emblazoned with Trump’s name.

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An African-American student from New York City was reportedly told by her classmates to sit in the back of their school bus because “Trump is president!”

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There have been numerous instances of Latino and Muslim parents recounting their children being teased and harassed in the classroom, with students as young as kindergarten being told that they would be deported by their classmates.

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Senior fellow Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group that tracks hate crimes in the U.S., found that reported incidents of hate crimes had skyrocketed on Nov. 9.

“We have seen [Ku Klux] Klan literature drops, we have seen that suicide hotlines are ringing off the hook, and we are hearing of very extensive bullying in and around schools,” Potok told WNBC.

On Nov. 8, CNN political commentator Van Jones said that Trump’s election would be difficult for parents to explain to their children, given the real estate developer's controversial and aggressive rhetoric on the campaign trail. He added that Americans can expect many racial and religious minorities to be scared by the election result.

“You tell your kids don’t be a bully, you tell your kids don’t be a bigot ... and then you have this outcome,” Jones said. “You have people putting children to bed tonight and they are afraid of breakfast.”

During his victory speech, Trump stated he wanted to bring national unity and help make America less divisive, The New York Times reports.

“I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all Americans, and this is so important to me,” Trump said.

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