Reports: Government Aircrafts Embarking On Secret Surveillance Missions Over Cities Across U.S.

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Sam Renegade of reports that the U.S. government is conducting secret surveillance missions using aircrafts over cities across the country.

Using the username MinneapolisSam on Pastebin, he claims the U.S. Department of Justice is conducting the secret missions using a fleet of government aircrafts flying over multiple cities. His latest updates say at least 100 planes and helicopters are flying over major cities, and their flight patterns seem to indicate they are conducting surveillance operations.

Renegade also notes the aircrafts have been registered to companies that don’t actually exist, explaining how he believes this allows the government to “hide behind plausible deniability.”

“Registering the aircrafts to fake companies, such as ‘FVX Research,’ ‘KQM Aviation’ and ‘OBR Leasing’ allows the government to hide behind plausible deniability,” Medium user Sam Renegade, who identifies himself as an independent journalist, writes in his report. “Initially upon investigating the links between these ‘companies’ and the Department of Justice seemed obvious. A search of aircraft registration in Bristow, Virginia for example shows many three-letter acronym companies and a couple aircraft registered explicitly to the Department of Justice. Then, searching the web for any traces that ‘FVX Research’ was a legitimate company proved fruitless. It was only a matter of time before someone put two and two together.”

While it doesn’t appear the government has confirmed or denied these allegations, the claims are quickly spreading across social media, with some speculating the aircrafts could be using ARGUS drone technology to record high-definition surveillance videos.

Sources: Medium, Pastebin

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons


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